Friday, January 2, 2009

Studio Time

So I think I'm done with this painting...tried to take a decent picture of it this morning on the back porch (natural light) in 25 degree weather...not fun -- and not fruitful! So I'll try again tomorrow. Till then..............


  1. Very nice work!! I also like your studio shots, but am waiting for you to post a photograph of yourself with your entire face showing. (:

  2. Great work. Acrylics? It looks like you're starting with a black canvas, is that correct?

    Btw, you wanted to see my stuff so instead of my blog (which is mostly me goofing around), check out my work site.

    25 degrees? You're crazy. ;)

  3. Nice work Tatiana. I was in Chicago for the first time last May. I really enjoyed the big city. Your overall work really reflects the feel of the place.

    And thanks for your comment on my work. Ego boosts are always appreciated.:-)

  4. "Wisconsin Evening"... Beautiful.